I Graduated from Berklee - Now What?

It has been quite the journey since I started at Berklee College of Music. My final project turned out nicely and I sent the score and mockup to a conductor friend of mine to see what he thinks.

But, now what do I do? Find real professional gigs and become a working composer? Why, yes! That is the plan!

I have been working gradually on my Wwise certification training so that I am prepared to take the exam and become Wwise certified, and I have started ideas on my D&D instrumental/orchestral album. 

An additional item that I have come across is the nature of practice. I had taken, and have been taking, a bit of a break from the hustle and bustle which has allowed for a lot of leisure time. It is always great to take a break but one should always come back to practice their craft to make it as good as it can be so you are prepared for the next big thing. 

Cheers to practicing! Have fun in the shed.

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