Press any key to start


I'm fully caffeinated and ready to go. So let's go. 

Let's start. 

Maybe I'll start soon. 

I'll just start later. 

Eh, I'll start tomorrow.

Man, I'm too tired, I'll just do it later.

The above statements (well, excuses) ring true to many facets of our lives. Maybe we're trying to start a new career, or leaving our current one because we are treated unfairly, building a treehouse for your kids, cleaning the garage, etc. Whatever the project or end goal is that we have written down or in our heads, the hardest part of starting something is starting.

For anyone who knows me, they can tell you that I am the CEO of procrastination. Call it neurodivergence if you'd like, but I will admit that I plan for many things to happen throughout the day, week, month, year, and you will easily find me playing a video game instead of working on any one of the myriad of projects I should be working on.

There is a silly phrase that was seen on those daily calendars that reads “why put off for tomorrow what you can ignore entirely.” As silly as that sounds, and it is meant to be silly, let's think of the literal approach. What would happen if you just never started anything? Why even make goals in the first place if you're always putting them off? For myself, I don't know if this is truly possible. I have been the type of person to make too many plans, have too many goals, and attempt to bite off more than one can chew. This all feeds into procrastination and it's easier than you think to curb its hunger.

Procrastination at its core is at least having the intention within oneself to start something. You've taken the initiative to create the end result but just can't bring yourself to press the “any key". Here are some tips from a site called Mind Tools.

Step 1: Recognize That You're Procrastinating

Step 2: Know the Top Reasons for Procrastinating

Step 3: Use Strategies to Stop Procrastinating

Here is an infographic from Mind Tools on how to tackle these 3 steps and complete what you have set out to complete. Let's go out there and get things done!


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