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I have been thinking that it has been a bit of time since my last post. 

Let's start this post with a nice cup of coffee. As a coffee connoisseur, I do my best to give recommendations to fellow coffee drinkers and enthusiasts. My latest kick has been brewing a cup of coffee via pour over method. I use a ceramic pour over dripper with finely ground Italian coffee blend, Intenso Miscela Forte. It has become one of my favorite coffees and is difficult to find. I actually have to order this from an Italian café in New York! An additional recommendation is that if you do not have a temperature controlled kettle, make sure that after the water boils to let it sit for a few minutes. If you pour boiling water directly onto the coffee, it will make it very bitter.

Now that we've had our cup of coffee, let's get into the point of this post. 

I am in my last 4 weeks of my Berklee degree! I have been diligently working on my final project over the last 8 weeks with just 4 to go until completion.

As a composer, this means that I am tweaking my written score to make it more playable for an orchestra, correcting any sour notes and articulations, etc.. Some of the issues I was finding was not only were some parts difficult to play (even for me on a keyboard), but some were a bit too monotonous. I couldn't just leave this parts as is in case it were to ever be recorded by real players. What bass player wants to see a single note for 2 pages? No one does. I will be continuing to fine tune this and make it more interesting to both the players and to the ears of the listeners. Once all of that is done, it's all about making sure the mock up sounds as good as it possibly can. After the audio is solid, it's off to syncing to picture and the final turn in! 

See you in the next update,


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